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KREOVOX's story of web services agency started early 2000 under the name CREATIVE66.

Our story

With humble beginnings and a start-up size team, Kreovox began operating in 2010 primarily as a specialist in small business web development. This included the custom development of impressive page designs, shopping carts, front and back end architecture, CMS as well as SEO services.

With hard work, successful results and satisfied clients, we have grown by leaps and bounds since then and now can provide services and expertise to a broad-spectrum of industries and services including e-commerce, SEO, marketing, graphic animation as well as custom developed software and proprietary platforms.

Kreovox's offices

Brooklyn, NY / Dreux, France

“We are friendly, open & what matters the most we are here to help.”

Serving a broad-base community of start-up owners & expanding businesses with the latest in web and mobile app technology and software development

Kreovox is helping businesses become more efficient in catering to their customers with innovative mobile software solutions.

We help companies transition from legacy systems to new technology stacks.

Our main goal is to create long-lasting relationships by working side-by-side with companies for their success.

One stop shop...

offering top quality, unique design, custom dev solutions and effective online marketing (Psst some of us brew beer and make mean beef jerky too)

Strong team...

world-class experts ready to make your every wish come true (Whether you want us to always be there for you OR disappear after one awe-inspiring project - We will respect your wish

we speak your language

(Our Cofee machine is strong and our translation skills are impeccable Give us a try, Merci).

How we work
The process is defined as a sequence of steps. When followed, it helps to achieve a goal. We consider it – the art of thinking through.
1. Brainstorming Solution

We will take the time to understand you and your brand, so we can create a plan that works for you. This is more than just designing something that looks good, we want to help you achieve your business goals.

2. Concept

We make a plan and start working on a design concept. We don’t disappear for months and then show you a finished website. Instead, we explain our decisions as we go and how they will help reach your goals.

3. Design

After we finalize the concept, we design the rest of the website as static images. You review these layouts before we turn them into a working website. This helps you see what your website will look like and make sure it meets your needs.

4. Development

Making the project perfect is important. We will use a detailed plan to make sure everything is done properly. Each part of the project will be thoroughly checked to make sure it works well. We will do this before we give it to the client. This will help us fix any problems.

We want to make sure our product works well and is easy for the client to use. It is very important to us that our client is happy with the final product.

5. Testing & Approval

Once the website has been fully developed and all content has been entered, the bug fixing and data migration phases will be concluded. A final data synchronisation will then take place between the current system followed by a go-live regression test, to ensure seamless execution.

6. Launch

Hey there! We’re excited to let you know that our downtime is pretty rare, which means you can expect to have access to your awesome new website. As soon as everything is live and running smoothly, we’ll be sure to give you the green light so you can share it with your team, clients, family, furry friends, and anyone else you’d like to impress!

Say hello!

If you need help with anything related to Digital Marketing or Web Design, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to give you a free quote and excited to work on any challenging projects, regardless of their size. We are a friendly and approachable team, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello.

Services we provide

Web & Mobile Design, UI, UX Branding, Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Application Development, e-Commerce & SEO.

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