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Success isn’t in the slow lane. Accelerate your business vision with an eCommerce solution which has the speed and flexibility to navigate today’s busy digital markets. Magento Open Source platform delivers basic eCommerce capabilities that allow you to build a unique online store from the ground up.

Kreovox  can take your website idea from start to finish, designing and developing a fully-operational eCommerce platform.

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Magento Development & Migration from the old to the new version.
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Magento is a powerful & Scalable eCommerce Platform

Magento is a flexible, powerful, and open source eCommerce solution, which has helped companies grow their businesses worldwide. From small start-ups to large enterprises, an estimated 30% of all eCommerce sites uses it to drive more sales.

Your site can be customized to adapt to current and future buying trends, ensuring your site is not left behind.

B2B eCommerce

Did you know that 93% of business-to-business buyers prefer to purchase online, with self-serve information, direct from vendors? In today’s crowded B2B marketplace, buyers demand an easy, intuitive online buying and account management experience that’s so good it feels like B2C. And if you can’t meet these demands, your competitors will.

It's Scalable

You can scale Magento into whatever you need it to be. Whether you’re a small or large online business, Magento adapts to your requirements because it is so flexible.

Community Support

Magento can help you manage multiple stores from one admin panel, saving you a lot of time and effort when managing your online sales. It also has multi-language and currency features, as well as international support, shipping and order management.

It's Easy To Manage

Finally, Magento has a huge, global community of developers who share tips, discuss updates and help one another to solve technical support issues through forums and events.

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