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Google Ads / Pay Per Click (PPC)

What is pay per click?

Unlike traditional advertising, PPC allows you to target your exact customer based on your data, even allowing you to adjust bids based on devices used, the time of day, and location.

If you know your customer and how they search, you can use these insights to reduce wasted advertising spend.

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Google AdWords Campaign Creation and Management

Google ads

"... Get Rapid Web Traffic With Google Ads."

Ads for PPC: Kreovox’s Services

We confidently employ Google AdWords – the elite PPC advertising platform on the internet. As we know, Google reigns supreme as the world’s most renowned search engine with an outstanding 83.49% lead over its closest competitor, Bing.

There’s no doubt that this makes Google Ads an extremely powerful tool to bolster our brilliant PPC strategy.

Targeting Marketing

PPC is the perfect strategy to attract customers who have a clear intention of making a purchase. Our team of experts is well-equipped with various techniques to make your ads stand out. We can optimize your PPC campaign through scheduling your ads to run during peak sales periods and targeting specific geographic locations.

Additionally, we can reach your target market more effectively by utilizing specific keywords that appeal to different demographics. With our strategies, you can rest assured that your message is delivered to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time. With confidence, we can steer your business towards success through PPC advertising.

Analyse - Market - Repeat

We know with confidence that we have the expertise to identify and accurately target your audience. Our team puts in rigorous effort to conduct in-depth keyword research and discover effective phrases to connect potential users with your business.

Whether it’s through a tailored campaign or compelling ad copy, we use our expertise to create irresistible content that prompts users to click on your ads. We rely on results to evaluate AdWords data, finding vital insights to inform future campaigns and consistently improving performance. Our exceptional track record guarantees that you can rely on us to provide exceptional results and maximum exposure for your business.

Measurable, Testable & Informative

PPC advertising offers transparent measurement of every aspect of a campaign, including views, clicks, visits, costs, and profits. You can easily determine your spending and profits from PPC marketing.

Cost-per-conversions are a valuable metric for comparing the ROI of your PPC campaign with other marketing methods. Campaign results can be extensively tracked, and data is reported accurately.

Pay per clicks

"...Connect with the appropriate users to achieve your goals."

Landing Page

To compliment your PPC campaigns and improve your conversion rate, we recommend setting up great landing pages.

Our web development and design teams can create unique landing pages that are optimized to convert users. Excellent design combined with a strong call-to-action leads to improved results. We create email marketing campaigns for businesses of any size. We start by compiling a targeted recipient list based on your target market demographics, so you can rest assured your marketing message reaches all the right inboxes.

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